You know what's funny?

2008-12-29 00:41:45 by Viewtiful-Chris

It's funny how so many people complain about me being able to post on the front page,

yet view my front page posts anyway.


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2008-12-29 00:53:23

I don't really like you too much, but yeah you're right. I think people need to worry about themselves.


2008-12-30 19:24:40

This blog is outrageous.

But I like ya.


2008-12-30 21:14:45

hay, ur freezepoop jem tingy is in flash poortal hystory o 2008! congrapes!


2008-12-31 23:51:58

I'm no flash genius, and I agree with most on your overall track record, but if nothing else you are definitely persistant. I very much liked your JEM! music video.

That said, I would like to dole out some free and unasked for advice ( If you want to listen). First of all, I've noticed that a lot of anger is generated towards you when you make a big stink over how often you are blammed (untitled is a big example). Almost everyone has a rocky start, and you have a lot of untapped potential. Try experimenting with some plot development, maybe a few more actors in your script, maybe use a few props.... regardless. If you switch up your style a little bit, you can definitely become a rising Newgrounds star. I expect big things from you. Please don't let us down :D.


2009-01-01 17:23:38



2009-01-01 21:17:52

iam going to kill you . you know that


2009-01-03 02:52:53

You're pretty cute


2009-01-03 16:45:13

I agree.

And well done with getting Jem in the portal history.


2009-01-05 16:24:54

have you quit school yet?


2009-01-09 15:58:31

Okay whatever you say.


2009-01-11 12:58:00

your gay, dont ever try flash, EVER!


2009-01-13 07:21:12

jesus christ, all the insults in the world wont make this faggosexual turd pants quit coming to this sight..., are you even looking at these posts?!?!?! retard,,, GET A JOB and learn flash properly like the rest of us instead of earning peoples pitty


2009-01-13 19:32:18



2009-01-15 00:03:31

Hey how come you posted on SoundTheStereos blog but you didn't post on mine or billy-beans? DISCRIMINATION! I CALL SHENANIGANS!!! ;-;


2009-01-16 15:21:54



2009-01-19 16:09:58

I hate you.


2009-01-19 16:10:47

Just kidding lol nice video.


2009-01-24 22:55:15

lol faggot


2009-02-06 10:25:48

the JEM part in Robot Chicken was funny as yet your JEM was just the song. though people might be saying your 12 or something cause of your size i just might not be 12 but you look 12. hey thats life for ya. dont worry about people saying your a kid. its just the size that makes you look like one. anyway i see you havent made another animation. also dont worry about people saying you suck. your still learning. anyway i congrat you of getting your JEM animation into the Flash Portal History. im guessing Tom is a JEM fan too (im guessing. i dont think its true but im guessing). maybe you should have a partner with you to make animations and games. how bout Minusnack? he told you to put hes game on and i think he should return the favor by helping you on your next animation/game. and please make sure it isnt a video converted into flash. alot of people are telling you to go to youtube cause your on these animations. i wish i could use flash but 1. i dont have the equipment and 2. im still learning. but you made animations when you were 13 and yet i went a little angry at you cause it wasnt flash. but now im starting to get you. which is why im gonna be nice to you and i want you to make your own game with Minusnack so you can actully get liked for once. also make your site a little more better.


2009-02-06 23:55:51

ok why are you posting gay retarded videos on newgrounds this place is for flash not for panzy half assed clips that shit is for youtube...


2009-02-16 15:49:20

I want an award, too :C


2009-02-20 23:44:37

wow faggot. make a real video


2009-02-23 18:57:29

fuck you


2009-02-24 04:07:11




2009-02-28 02:12:39

I miss you and your retarded/queer personality.


2009-03-01 13:50:39

Your pretty gay


2009-03-03 18:37:46

You are the scariest looking thing I have ever seen.
And to be honest your video annoyed the crap out of me and almost everyone on newgrounds(well looking at all the flames and hate you receive...poor you).
Congrats on front page with that one video though, its not the worst thing that's been on front page...
I read your story hallways, not good...

viewtiful joe was an alright game btw...not the best but still ok

one last thing before this is posted, you hear this alot but your videos would be better off on youtube or anything like that.

and just to piss you off :D



2009-03-05 18:07:26

FUCK U FAG! UCK YOU FAG! AG! (high fives friends around computer)


2009-03-06 17:30:53

Not you....


2009-03-06 17:33:44



2009-03-22 20:16:43



2009-03-23 22:11:22

I hope you die...